A burned-out caricature artist seeks to find meaning outside of her Earthly, mundane existence.

Director’s Statement

This film was co-written and co-directed by Desireé Moore and Joseph Boyle.

From Desireé: How did we get here? The answer can be so big, and so small. But I am here, in this moment. I struggle to be present.

The awareness of the present can be shocking, numbing. How can we connect to the world and the people who share the days and nights with us? Our daily gestures are so small but carry so much weight. And yet, we spend so much time looking past the present moment to a future that doesn’t exist. We neglect the present, and ourselves.

Can a simple and benign gesture begin to inspire us to connect? Can a random encounter jolt us into the present moment?

From Joseph: This film speaks to the plight of so many artists across time. The desire to create for our own satisfaction is weakened by the necessity to eat, to work. The ideals that we hold as young people begin to falter as we age. How do we escape what can become a self-imposed prison? Can a small personal event or even a large cosmic event release us?

Perhaps we are held back by our prideful desires and self-interests. And perhaps to move forward, we must look back at what has been there all along.