The Last Cry / Short Film Trailer

The Last Cry

A physically and mentally abused woman goes on a journey of self discovery by unraveling her past.

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Asteroid // Daily Short Pick


A young girl’s fantasy adventure with her grandfather allows her to come to terms with his illness.

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5 Stages of Dying || Daily Short Picks

5 Stages of Dying

A young man spirals through a wild array of emotions after being diagnosed with a terminal illness.

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Sultan of the Sea | Daily short Picks

Sultan of the Sea

When Leah’s mentally ill brother goes missing in an abandoned Sea Side Resort, she is forced to search through rotting homes and forgotten memories. Every door she opens, pulls her deeper into her brother’s world. “Sultan of the Sea” is an experimental narrative film about siblings, mental illness and abandoned[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Brother & Mother

Mother & Brother

Two brothers grapple with their abusive mother’s terminal illness in very different ways. While the older brother sacrifices his personal life to oversee her day-to-day care, the younger brother seeks escape through marriage. As the three engage in a venomous dance of dependence, obligation, and guilt, they expose the true[…]

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Short Trailer | Jaded Star

Jaded Star

The captain of a deep space mining vessel struggles to keep his grasp on reality as all his crew are sent insane by a mysterious illness.

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Meat The Leekes

Meat the Leekes discusses themes of isolation, despair, pressure, and mental illness. It is a tense and uncomfortable portrait of an idyllic and aspirational family life gone stale, and the now vacuous and toxic relationships that remain within. It’s commonplace that the families we grow up with, the people we[…]

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Eidolon | Short Film Trailer


We all remember the outstanding short film 88:88 by Joey Ciccoline with the incredible score by Makeup and Vanity Set. Now we’re extremely excited to see a new collaboration between Joey and the electronic duo. But they are looking for your help! The Story Eidolon is the story of a[…]

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