10:17 // Featured Short Film


Waiting for a woman he has never met to arrive at his hotel, Hector debates if he should go through with his current plan. The first of three chapters of a short film trilogy about love, loss, and life, ’10:17′ is a film driven by uncertainty and unknowns. Director Stephen[…]

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62 Million // Short Film trailer

62 Million

When a missing girl turns up in a hotel room with the world’s biggest pop star, a journalist and a dark web vigilante try to break the story.

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Stalled // Daily Short Picks


A young businesswoman arrives late for a convention at a hotel. She stops in a restroom to relieve herself. Inside, she notices someone wears an interesting pair of shoes in the stall next to her. When that someone reaches under the stall wall, to the business woman’s shock and surprise,[…]

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2442: || Daily Short Picks


The girl — looking over her shoulder, hiding in a hotel room, a tattoo… what is her purpose? A special delivery only adds to the mystery.

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This One Night || Daily Short Picks

Diese Eine Nacht (This One Night)

When he takes her to his hotel room and both expect nothing, but a “regular” one-night stand, their few hours together turn into real intimacy. But then the night is over and suddenly all the beauty is gone.

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Styx Inn || Short Trailer on Film Shortage

Styx Inn

In a highly capitalist society where the suicide rate is soaring, a 19-year-old pregnant girl is losing her willingness to live and decides to use the services of a hotel, the Styx Inn, specialized in assisted suicides. There, she meets a mysterious room service boy.

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Daily Short Picks | Reservations


When the afterlife turns out to be an overbooked hotel, a dead man faces the cranky desk clerk who stands between him and a peaceful eternity. Shot on Super 16mm.

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Daily Short picks | Chronos


A troubled old businessman finds himself looking at the world upside down through a hotel room where time runs backwards.

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A professor of Spanish from the University of Montana is stationed in a Madrid hotel as a volunteer in the Spanish Civil War. But when the building is shelled the narrative enters into a place of memory, the unconscious, & a romance for Spain borne dangerously out of the bullrings[…]

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Holder's Comma | Films de chez nous

Holder’s Comma

Holder’s Comma explores the fragility of a young woman questioning her identity and purpose in a slightly surrealist, romantic and poetic universe where what seems to be in harmony never really is, and ultimately falls apart “What the hell did I just watch? That was absolutely stunning!” Is possibly what[…]

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