Good Business || Featured Short Film

Good Business

Humanity makes a deal with a new client. We always urge for originality while searching for our next featured short, and sometimes that originality just creeps up from a mix-mash from various films, ideas and settings, and other times it just comes from an old comic book. Ray Sullivan was[…]

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Marty : A Wild West Neverland

Marty: A Wild West Neverland

In a world inhabited by only kids, Marty and Dee cross paths with the ruthless One-Eyed Johnny and the Krimson Kids where they experience the harsh realities of tyranny and violence in the West.

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Please Forgive Me - Drake || Short Film

Please Forgive Me by Drake

Drake drops a new… short film? That’s right, Drake releases his new short film ‘Please Forgive Me’. Here’s the thrilling trailer, but you can watch the full film exclusively on Apple Music. Following his hit album Views, Drake decided to work on a short film inspired by the tracks on[…]

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Billy Boys | Featured Short Film

Billy Boys

3D printers are more accessible now than they have ever been and the reality is that to make a gun is as simple as the click of a button. ‘Billy Boys’ takes us to an eerily realistic problem we are going to have in the near future, if it’s not[…]

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NO-A | Featured Short Film


In his desperate attempt to save The woman who created him, No-A must face an unknown enemy force and fight to keep them both alive. The world is a desolate, unforgiving place in this action sci-fi with a surprising amount of heart. No-A is a CGI heavy short film built[…]

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A Killer of Men | Featured Short Film

A Killer of Men

In a post-apocalyptic American Southwest, a young man raised by a band of roving outlaws becomes responsible for a new child recruit A pure carnage of violent fun! ‘A Killer of Men’ sets us in a post-apocalyptic American Southwest ran by a group of heartless outlaws. The twisted dusty style[…]

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One man, in debt to the mob, faces execution–can his past change his future? Watch the full short on our Daily Short Picks

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One man, in debt to the mob, faces execution–can his past change his future?

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Sync | Featured Short Film


Cyber terrorism has caused government agencies and large corporate companies to start using advanced robotic data couriers known as Syncs. Haz does it again, after indulging us with a documentary-style science fiction film of the highest level with ‘Project Kronos‘, Hasraf Dulull spoils us with another sci-fi masterpiece: ‘Sync’. Entirely[…]

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