Solo - a Motorcycle Story

S O L O – A Motorcycle Short Film

The freedom. The isolation. The weightlessness. The loneliness. Solo dives into the emotions that drives thousands of riders to hit the pavement everyday in search of a hiatus from their everyday life.

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Freedom Song // Daily Short Picks

Freedom Song

Chris Robertson, a high school senior in Los Angeles, performs a powerful essay he wrote as he walks the empty hallways and classrooms of his high school. Shot on 35mm Kodak film in one continuous 4:10 second take, the film highlights topics of freedom and oppression while the visuals serve[…]

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Who Will Stop Me // Daily Short Pick

Who Will Stop Me

When a young woman is eerily confronted by a DHS agent who accuses her boyfriend of running an illegal cyber marketplace, she’s forced to make a life changing decision. “Who Will Stop Me” is an experimental film that strongly explores the theme of human volition through a non traditional narrative.[…]

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Geeta // Daily Short Picks


Inspired by true events. Geeta has been brought to the United States as domestic worker by an Indian couple with the promises of giving her the American Dream. After moving to America, the new environment surpasses her ideal because of her poor socio-economic upbringing. However it is not long until[…]

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Still/Life // Daily Short Picks


A dreamlike vision of the cultural renaissance transforming Yangon, a long-isolated city in South East Asia. This short film celebrates the city’s emerging sense of freedom, expression, and movement, seen through young athletes bringing new life to forgotten corners of their city. Filmed on location with real athletes that call[…]

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Little Texas // Short Film Trailer

Little Texas

Little Texas is a story that is all too familiar to many women in Texas. After the defunding of women’s health clinics across the state, some women have to travel as for as 500 miles to receive affordable reproductive care. Ellie is no exception. Little Texas follows her as she[…]

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Electromatic // Daily Short Picks


A grandfather sneaks out for one last night of freedom under the stars. A pit stop to give his grandson his prized Electromatic guitar turns into a pivotal moment for both of them as they reflect on the role music has played in each of their lives. Director’s Statement Electromatic[…]

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Sempiternal // Daily Short Picks


• 3 months • 1 van • Pía Mía, Noa • A creative exploration into life’s most sacred values: love, freedom, compassion and accessing the present moment. Follow the story of a courageous man who reflects on the profound journey onto new worlds that changed his life. Director’s Statement This[…]

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Better The End // Daily Short Picks

Better the End

Better the End opens with Qohelet, the author of Ecclesiastes as he reads from his ancient text, a text long considered dangerous for its pessimistic understanding of human endeavors. Yet the text feels at home in the setting of a modern city as we are confronted by two women whose[…]

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