Addy // Daily Short Picks


Isolated in an impoverished environment, Addy experiences the death of a family pet – only for her grievance to be met by an unsympathetic father, who tells her to ‘man up’.

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Everyday Planning My Escape || Short Trailer

Everyday Planning My Escape

Everyday Planning My Escape is an experimental short film about a young male figure trying to escape his environment to a better life but his peers and surroundings do everything they can to try and delay his departure. Watch the full film here

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Big Dog || Featured Short Film

Big Dog

Upon re-entering society, a young man is given work in the harsh environment of a meat processing facility. As the full moon draws nearer, his self-control comes under ever greater strain faced with the mounting cruelty and indifference he sees around him. Jamie Gyngell and Jamie Whitby play deep with[…]

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Where We Began

A teaser for a short film about freerunners. One would usually associate freerunning with urban environments, people running through towns or cities jumping from one building to another but it hasn’t been as well documented in rural environments. The freedom of being away from the eyes of the city is[…]

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Imagine an empty worrying Paris. Imagine that human action is more harmful to our fragile planet. Hypocentre started out as a technical exercise for french couple Claire & Max, but then decided to turn the exercise into a film and have the focus on the environmental side. Specialists in travel[…]

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The Escape

Eliana, has stolen the device. With the police in hot pursuit behind her, she entered an alley attempting to get away, only to end up in a dead end.

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