Little Shit // Featured Short

Little Shit

Paul has an attitude. He’s the kid you cross the road to avoid. The no-hoper you pray your children never become. But there’s more to Paul than meets the eye or the ear. A side that he only finds when he’s truly lost. Perhaps not the type of picture we’d[…]

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Artform // Daily Short Picks


In their short film “Artform”, the prolific producers Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge share their creative roadmap and studio secrets – encouraging today’s creators to pick up an instrument and discover their identity through music.

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Lost Son // Daily Short Picks

Lost Son

A young shepherd has big dreams of adventures, travels and treasures but is too protected by his imposing dad. One day, everything changes when a valiant knight comes by and has a proposition. What will the little confused kid do and discover in the process? Ultimately, the lost son will[…]

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After Sophie || Daily Short Picks

After Sophie

A documentary filmmaker investigates the troubling suicide of a teenager. What she discovers is not what she expected.

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Sorice || Daily Short Picks


Unable to escape from something that lives within, a young woman must learn to control her fears, only to reveal her past and to discover a powerful future. SORICE is a sci-fi dark proof of concept created by Angelo White.

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Ophelia || Short Film Trailer


Ophelia. is a visceral and urgent reimagining of one of Shakespeare’s tragic love stories. Two people, both pushed to their own limits whilst trying to hold on desperately to each other, discover that love, too, can be just as destructive.

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Fight Night Legacy | Daily Short Picks

Fight Night Legacy

When former boxer and ex-con Andre Johnson discovers that his health is failing, he returns home to rebuild the life he left behind, but gets an opportunity to build a future and a family.

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Cycle de Vie | Daily Short Picks

Cycle de Vie

An allegorical journey of a man as he traverses the full circle of the Psyche. Having exhausted the highs and lows of life in the city, he wonders blindly into the forest and discovers a vision of life that momentarily obliterates his ever seeking Will.

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When a vicious drug gang discovers they’ve been infiltrated by an undercover cop, they move in. This act of terror will be their undoing for they unleashed a terrible evil.

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Deathly Presents

It’s Christmas eve, and a family discovers a strange present under their tree… But who sent it, and more importantly… what’s inside?

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