Penelope in The Treehouse || Featured Short Film

Penelope in The Treehouse

When a new stepfather moves in, Penelope escapes to a treehouse above the clouds. Penelope in The Threehouse is a film that reaches out to our childhood’s furthest imaginations, while sharing a rather real dilemma that many children are faced with in their young ages; having to deal with new[…]

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Daily Short Picks | The Jane

The Jane

The Jane is a “choose your own adventure” story that challenges notions of love, monogamy, fate, and our ability to make decisions in general. The film explores one man’s dilemma as he is presented with an unique sexual proposition by two women at The Jane Hotel bar, in New York[…]

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Visible | Featured Short Film


In 2016 the human race turns invisible. In 2076 a small number of people start to mysteriously reappear. Stepping away from the conventional overwhelming science fiction film, ‘Visible’ sweeps us into a soft and spirited state despite the close-to apocalyptic nature of the storyline. In 2016 the human race turns[…]

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Anthropology Anthology 1: Pilgrim

Anthropology Anthology 1: Pilgrim is the first installment of a three part series that will examine the way justice directly and indirectly plays a role in the daily lives of three subjects in a non-judicial way. These subjects are unlikely heroes, overlooked, often invisible, but performing essential functions in society.[…]

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