Beast // Daily Short Pick


Beast is a short film about two sisters. When a destructive force shifts the balance of power between them, it tests the strength of their relationship. A younger sister struggles to contain the negative emotions that threaten to overwhelm her. When her feelings finally overflow, they take the form of[…]

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Homes of Hope // Daily Short Picks

Homes of Hope

In the self – destructive near future, where escaping to computer simulation becomes the only way out of the whole mess. A computer scientist Chris becomes the victim of his own invented VR world.

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Death Loves Life || Daily Short Picks

Death Loves Life

Young and beautiful, Life is enthralled with the world around her. Death is enamored by Life’s innocence and vivacity, but his attempts to connect with her are fleeting. Despite Death’s awkward and destructive path, Life recovers from each loss with graceful fortitude. In Death’s gloom, a passionate love for Life[…]

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Dilip's Castle || Daily Short Picks

Dilip’s Castle

Dilip’s Castle is the story of Sidney. He leaves his home after he finds out that his wife had an affair. Already on a destructive path, treading through the night, he discovers that what lurks in the dark is far worse than infidelity.

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Ophelia || Short Film Trailer


Ophelia. is a visceral and urgent reimagining of one of Shakespeare’s tragic love stories. Two people, both pushed to their own limits whilst trying to hold on desperately to each other, discover that love, too, can be just as destructive.

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I Fell For You

An abstract poem about a destructive relationship shared between two young women.

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Daily Short Picks | The Youth

The Youth

A young man with a destructive mindset struggles to communicate with society and his peers. Giving an intimate look into the youth culture.

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Daily Short Picks | Depression


‘Depression’ is Photon Harvest’s fourth short film in a series called, “one hour shorts,” where each phase of production (writing, editing, shooting, etc.) is finished in less than one hour. Inspired by a family friend’s personal experience; ‘Depression’ is a visceral immersion into the reality of someone suffering from the[…]

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