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Tracking down the mysterious Omega Signal, Irene McClintock and Barbara Meitner are marooned on Salus 263. With an Oxygen supply of 72 hours in their hands and no way home, will they find a way out before the clock stops?

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A young woman wakes up in a strange room with no idea of how she got there. Held by two unknown captors, memories begin to creep back, painting a vivid but fractured picture of how she ended up in this predicament. Ultimately, the clock is ticking…and only time will tell[…]

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Claire’s Birthday (or the comfort of being alone)

Early-twentysomething Claire celebrates her birthday… Alone at home. As the clock ticks throughout the day, we get a glance into her simple-yet-peculiar life. Without speaking a word, she reveals her yearning for human connection as well as her contentment with peace and quietness. What’s wrong with spending your birthday alone[…]

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Tick Tock

Tick Tock is set in a steam punk world where the human heart has been replaced by wind-up timers. In the pursuit of love, one man pushes the mechanical limits of his wind-up heart to impress his beloved.

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Snooze Time | Featured Short Film

Snooze Time

As Evie struggles with the weird and wonderful effects of time on her life and relationships, it becomes clear that time is playing its most annoying trick of all: it’s running out. We all try to make sense of time in our lives, until we just give up and let[…]

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Tick Tick Tick

While moving into their first home, a group of twentysomethings get more than they bargained for when they discover a time-battered clock in the attic. As one remembers a tale of the Chronophage, a time-eating demon, they start to question how much of their lives still remain… All[…]

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