An Unwound Clockwork

An Unwound Clockwork tells the story of a civilization out of time:
Humans are at the height of their work. Their wealth and economy depend on the endless consumption of a miraculous ore to keep the machines running. The physical work is done by robots, the creation, who dig the material from mines deep below the city. When one of the robots discovers a glowing crystal, he is spellbound by its radiant beauty. Emotions, that showing a malfunction he developed causing him to gain consciousness of beauty amidst darkness, and the worlds rythm breaks its stride…

Meanwhile, the opposing protagonist, a human clerk, receives a machine report including concerning forecasts about the future of his world. But he finds himself unable to face this fate, directing his consciousness back to productivity. As the story unfolds, the destinies of the two opposing protagonists get inextricably linked to each other.

It’s a story about ambition and greed, awareness and ignorance, feeling and function and the consequences of one’s own actions