Cup of Coffee || Daily Short Picks

Cup of Coffee

An old blind man is on his way to a cafe to get his morning cup of coffee. Can he foresee what’s going to happen? No..

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The Arrival || Featured Short Film

The Arrival

Anna contemplates a big decision while waiting for someone in a cafe. The movie was produced by Zen Design Studios and inspired by a documentary All About Mothers Inspired by a documentary exploring the relationship between mothers and their children (All About Mothers), and produced by Zen Design, Daniel Montanarini’s[…]

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Wheelchair Dance || Daily Short Picks

Wheelchair Dance

A young ex-dancer in a wheelchair, he is in love with a female server in the cafè. She doesn’t treat him as a person with a disability, but she doesn’t see him as a special person too. One day, he runs into her on a date with another man. It[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Worsebehaviour


A writer frequently attends a certain cafe, vying for the attention of a beautiful barista. One night in a convenience store, a chance to talk with her arises, only to be interrupted by a wild-eyed gunman who promptly kidnaps them both for no clear reason. The two find themselves trapped[…]

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Blue Front

Short documentary about Jimmy ‘Duck’ Holmes, a Blues Musician and owner of Blue Front Cafe located in Bentonia, Mississippi.

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Rencontre | Films de chez nous


Une rencontre à trois dans ce café de Montréal, une rencontre impromptue, une rencontre imprévue…?! Film produit par Allfilms Productions, tourné à Montréal en 2014. Présenté au Short Corner de Cannes 2014

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Strong Coffee With Vodka

Louie is a waiter in a cafe who gets humorously walked all over by his dictatorial boss Kanaan and a sadistic customer when small, absurd misunderstandings become the order of the day.

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