Introducing Evermore // Daily Short Picks

Introducing: Evermore

Introducing Evermore is a short film about leaving the woes of the world behind to become an animated cartoon instead. Director’s Statement Introducing Evermore is part fantasy, part biography. It was made in a night, on no budget, with myself and my fiancee, after he asked me if I was[…]

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Ovum // Daily Short Picks


In the near future, a woman must make a life changing decision after a mind bending procedure. Director’s Statement I firmly believe great science fiction should hold a mirror to our society and challenge our deeply set traditions. That’s why I write humanistic sci-fi stories that take place in our[…]

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Lifeline // Featured Short


During a job trial at a high-tech call centre, Jess’ competitor suddenly collapses. Her only means to save him is a state of the art computer system When it comes to modern science fiction short films, Black Mirror became a fantastic source of inspiration. With singled out concentrated stories, the[…]

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Play // Daily Short Picks


In the near future, a man enters a coffee shop. He asks for his usual: a private booth hidden from everyone’s sight. He waits anxiously for someone… but what is really happening here? An unsettling science-fiction tale about augmented reality. Director’s Notes The germ of the idea for the short[…]

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Obolus // Daily Short Picks


Tired and despondent with her everyday life, a young woman succumbs to a new virtual experience. Directors Statement The genesis of this film came about in a couple of ways, one being the desire to create something (in particular narrative work) whilst I pitched on music promos, and the other[…]

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Meet Cute // Daily Short Picks

Meet Cute

Meet Cute is a spin on the traditional boy meets girl. Polly discovers a man breaking in to her car. The police interview Polly and soon discover that the events surrounding the break in aren’t so clear cut. Starring Loreece Harrison (Black Mirror)

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Daily Short Picks | Floppy D

Floppy D

Cyber-bachelor Dale Daniels realizes his erotic, sensitive photo was stolen from his DateQuest account. As he embarks on a journey to reclaim his identity, everything crumbles exposing how truly disconnected and alone he is. In the vein of Black Mirror, and Twilight Zone, this is a satirical noir about the[…]

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