A lone night security guard in an eerie factory sees an intruder on one of the monitors and goes to investigate.

The infinite loop. A theme that recurs quite often in short films, and the reason might be a very subconscious one, led by our routinely lives and perhaps driven by the day dreaming. Filmmakers love to bring dreams to life, and the beautiful part is that everyone dreams differently, although the story is similar. A look at ‘Mouse-X’ by __ play around with the infinite loop, same as our own film ‘After The Rain’ in its own manner.

We wanted Rotor to be an online short that went passed lingual barrier’s and which could be enjoyed by different people all over the word. This is why we chose to make very little use of dialogue. The narrative had to be all about tension and atmosphere to keep the attention of an online audience (which is notoriously short).

Rotor thrives on setting, and for a film created on no budget and only volunteers, the result is quite impressive. The storyline could of dug just a little deeper, but as a surface head scratcher it flows smoothly through our minds.