In a strange, but wonderful world a creature envisions the fatal outcome of a potential decision and is granted a chance to alter future events.

Our most creative imaginations are often brought forward when we allow ourselves to escape our comfort zone, our musing of houses and roads and cars… Alex Glawion does exactly this in ‘The Risk Not Taken’, carrying in an incredible imaginative and abstract environment that gives out the most dreamlike sensations.

The story of “The Risk Not Taken” takes place in an abstract and artistic world, that reduces included elements to their bare essence. Especially important for me were the generative and fractal landscape-styles, that emerged from the desire to create detail generatively, as well as express this detail in its form rather than its texture or structure. These types of landscape will seem strange and rather novel when examined in detail, but more familiar in their broader, coarser form. This idea was also applied to the characters, who seem manlike at first glance, but show extreme differences when enlarged.

Alex thinks widely in ‘The Risk Not Taken’, giving much food for thought and encourages viewers to reflect on the lessons taught. The story is about making the right decisions, questioning one’s ability to calculate the inherent risks of imminent decisions and take full responsibility for their outcome. Should one be allowed to make decisions of this magnitude for others? All this tinkering didn’t come without any heavy preparations:

On the technical side, “The Risk Not Taken” consists of 61 separate shots, which emerged from over 100 individual storyboard panels. The film’s production took roughly 4 months, whereas the time spent on preproduction, production and postproduction were roughly equal.

Sit back and enjoy this incredible visual experience!