A modern day fable exploring the terrifying notion that people may not always be as they seem. It is the story of a young girl who discovers the sinister intentions that lay behind an enticing smile.

Red Riding is a beautiful fantasy short that takes place in a forest rich in colors and elements. Director Louis J. Parker and dancer Dominique Miranda combined their talents and for film to create this wonderful short. Dominique is a trained dancer at the Italia Conti Academy in London, and Louis is an actor trained a the National Youth Theater with experience in screen and stage.

The story is delightfully simple as a beautiful girl is exploring the forest, reveling in the nature that surrounds her and relishing the warmth of the sunshine through the trees. She is spotted by a handsome stranger who watches intently before approaching unannounced, taking her completely by surprise. Expressions are interpreted with a playful dance to the elevating and emotive music which is as close as it gets to a musical short, without the singing.

We aimed to create a visually striking piece, driven by a poetic use of colour and accompanied by an emotive score. We hoped that the message would be clear and powerful, but also that our audience could discover new layers with each viewing.

With a storyline that rewrites our childhood story books, Red Riding grabs our attention with captivating visuals. The contrasts are just breathtaking and keep us afloat into a fantasy world up to the very end. They did an excellent job at choosing a perfect shooting location, with a vast amount of vivid colors and scenery which bring us back to our childhood imaginations. I am not saying the movie is for children by any means, but it does bring out the heightened senses of how we used to perceive simple objects and movements as children. The film shows us beautiful poetry using only environment, movements and human expressions to tell us a story.