A girl tries to understand why her boyfriend can’t talk to her anymore.

I wish I wouldn’t have to label this film as a comedy not to give any hint of spoiler to anyone, because until that points we are deep into the wells of a fancy foreign film, a French one to top it all off. So the premise is a little silly, but it works! And the fact that we are set up to believe that we are watching a true relationship drama makes the turn of events that much better.

I had been talking to Control Films (who rep me in France) about making a film in French. I wanted to see if I could direct in a language that that wasn’t my own. However I didn’t want to do it just for stylistic reasons so I wrote something that needed to be in a foreign language.

We dig the out-of-the-box approach by Danny Sangra in Odile et Michel, and love that it was man with cinematic integrity. The ode to French cinema with the right touch of humor make this film a very joyful watch.