Everyone has “that” friend – the one who shows up uninvited, drinks all your booze, and hits on your girlfriend – who we all secretly hate.

One night, a group of friends decide enough is enough and they must get rid of their friend Karl for good. ‘Must Kill Karl‘ is a cruelly funny little short created by Joe Kicak and Karen Moore, with a punch-drunken humour that is well rounded and continuously delivering strong comical moments. The cast ensemble truly brings the film’s spirit to life, a deadly, but amusing watch.

Karl is an a**hole. Maybe his friends should kill him.

The director (Joe) and I wanted our first project together to be a comedy – we’re an IRL couple, so it seemed like we’d have better odds of not destroying our relationship if we were at least working on something fun. From there, we started talking about how we all have that one person in our lives that we despise, but can’t seem to get rid of – the “Karl”. In real life, you’re low on options – breaking up with a friend isn’t really something people do, is it? Hence the dark fantasy version of eliminating someone from your life that became the film. The short is a proof-of-concept for a feature film, which is currently in development with Broken Compass Films & the National Screen Institute (NSI).