Inspired by a true story, Mr. Talented follows a space-obsessed photographer whose life and sanity unravels as he struggles to make a name for himself in the art world

Mr. Talented is a one-take short film that follows a space-obsessed, struggling 27 year-old black photographer who is determined to reach the apex of the art world. He’s worked tirelessly and unsuccessfully to have his photography exhibited at the prestigious Baldner Gallery. Mr. Talented believes that one man stands in the way of making his ambitious dream come true: Tom Sorenson, head curator of Baldner. Subsequently Mr. Talented hosts a self-exhibit at a local gallery to get tom’s attention and stamp of approval. When tom rejects Mr. Talented’s work, there are dire consequences.

The film is an attempt to tackle the stigma around mental health in the Black community, and was inspired by a real Black artist who blogged under the name Mr. Talented, who, tragically, took his own life. The goal is to increase empathy and understanding for Black men who are experiencing issues around mental health. You might find this longer write-up in Shadow and Act helpful.

Directed by Rochée Jeffrey, Mr. Talented is an ambitious and daring film that strives in layers of societal stigmas. The films stars J. Mallory McCree who delivers a timely and powerful performance. Incredibly shot in one single take, the choreography and dance between the camera and lead is something absolutely delightful to watch. Particularly with the story’s rising tension, the close follow and live deterioration of Mr Talented is truly marking.