A burnt-out American globetrotter stumbles upon a psychedelic adventure in Kathmandu.

Burnt-out addict Adam flees the wreckage of his past by traveling halfway around the world to Kathmandu, Nepal. After taking a psychedelic drug at a nightclub, Adam embarks on a trip that will bring him face-to-face with his inner demons.

Kathmandude is the story of one man’s ultimate journey of self-discovery.

KATHMANDUDE was a filmmaking experiment of sorts. Our team wanted to make something loose and unpredictable. Something that wasn’t bogged down with the practical restraints of your average production. We left for Nepal with a close-knit team of filmmakers (six total) and a rough outline for a psychedelic road movie. Along the way, we had the opportunity to collaborate with local musicians and performers while we developed our material for production.

Quite simply, Kathmandude is about a man looking for an experience, and when the filmmaker is able to transcend that experience to the viewer – we’re in for a real journey! The film stars Adam Cole as the globetrotter who neatly creates the inebriated bond, and has its progressive back story told through flashback voices in his head.