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After teleporting into Texas illegally, a young man from Mexico stands trial for murder.

Filmed in a 2 part series, ‘Instant Getaway’ is the work of Brazilian YouTube sensation Joe Penna, or better known as MysteryGuitarMan, Brazil’s most subscribed channel with over 2.8 million subscribers, where his crazy short videos from animations to fun music mixes have been viewed over 340 million times. But ‘Instant Getaway’ is different from his usual fun weekly clips, with a bigger budget and an entire production team, this short short film takes on a much more grandiose allure.

The film was funded by New Form Digital, a group backed by Oscar winners including director Ron Howard and producer Brian Grazer, who have decided to team with YouTube’s most famous personalities to develop and fund 14 short films, three to 10 minutes in length. Among them are Joey Graceffa, Joe Penna of MysteryGuitarMan and Sawyer Hartman.

We want to create scripted cinematic storytelling for the digital generation by combining great online talent with the storytelling expertise of Ron Howard,” said Kathleen Grace, the former YouTube executive who now runs New Form. The films will be distributed on their platforms where it speaks to their audience and also shows their potential as filmmakers.

-Excerpt from latimes.com, Kathleen Grace, New Form.

The film is a 2-part thrilling series that blends lawful drama with just the right amount of science fiction. The production values are astonishing lead up by its cinematography, fabulous acting and its twilight-ish original story. Let us know what you think!