A company, The Wing Corporation, has developed a medicine that allows Mogwai to be sold as family pets. It doesn’t go well.

For most 80’s and 90’s kids, nothing yells out Christmas spirit like a good Die Hard or the Gremlins movies. Luckily this year, director Ryan Patrick decided to respark the little Mogwais with a short fan film, and its got nostalgia written all over it.

I had the idea to make a Gremlins fan film for a while now. I always wanted it to be a touch campy, a touch b-movie in feel. It’s a careful balance, because you don’t want to just make a “bad” movie. The original Gremlins is a classic, but it was a constant discussion of how do we update the tone and feel of the movie while (hopefully) doing the original some justice.

With 80’s styled films and TV shows making a strong come back, the time feels right to see these little Gremlins take back the screen. Ryan and his team did a tremendous job bringing these guys to life and keeping true to the original, while adding an updated touch.

Certainly, the biggest obstacle was creating the puppets. I knew we had to do this all practically. I just couldn’t imagine a Gremlins film where they were all just CGI creations. I met Eric Fox, our Special Creature Effects Lead, on a music video I did (Tesla Boy “Circles”, SXSW ’17) and asked him if he would be into making Gremlins. The answer was an immediate yes. And the same goes for almost all the cast and crew. Everyone just loves these characters – it’s crazy.

Ultimately, I just wanted this movie to be a stylized and fun escape. And when I saw that the original Gremlins was being re-released in theaters this month, I knew it was the perfect time to get it out there. I hope it leaves people wanting more… and gives the studios a kick to bring a some kind of Gremlins feature to life again.

From photography to soundtrack being absolutely spot on, the film got us really psyched up in hopes to see more of these little creatures soon. While the story remains short and snappy, and perhaps unsatisfying conclusion – it certainly leaves us begging for more – which was seemingly the intention.