The story of Adam, an eccentric, lonely, mid 30s man, and his unorthodox search for relationships.

Adam is a Fruitcake, at least in the eyes of everyone around him. It is the label everyone has put on him. Having a difficult time integrating into society since his childhood, Adam grew further and further away from it who and had to overcome all of that while trying to pursue relationships for himself.

The goal of the film was to inspire an audience to break down the walls of isolation and see the value in joining in community with the people around them. We all deal with the fear of being authentic, who we really are, being totally vulnerable with others but when we take that risk, we find we are not alone, that others feel the same way. Through that experience we can join in community and help each other.

The script was originally written by David Wilkinson as a feature length film, and after approaching producer Bobby Marko to make it into a film they decided to trim it down into a short film due to budget constraints. The film’s only flaw might be that they tried to keep too much from the feature script into the short film. Sitting in between a feature length and short film can be a difficult gray area to be in, with either too much story for one, and not enough for the other.

But David and Marko grabbed things back in hand with a very strong storyline and an even stronger cinematography. The touching story was then brought together by strong performances by the actors and a fluent original soundtrack.