A bespectacled kid in the 70’s who gets picked on outside the house and then gets beat up at home for having broken glasses.

Four Eyes is the story of a kid in the 70s who gets picked on by some bullies over and over again. Each time they break his glasses a little more and each time he gets beat up at home by his Mom for breaking his glasses. In the end, the two of them need to figure out how their relationship works in order to help each other stand up for themselves.

It’s loosely based on a true story between me and my Mom. She once made me fight a kid who used to pick on me and, as weird as it was in the moment, it definitely felt like a turning point for me in my life.

I normally shoot commercials and I shot this as an exercise for shooting longer form narrative work. It’s won a few awards at some festivals but the main reason was really just for practise and the experience of shooting something like this. Side note: the kid who plays Brent is now the lead in the TV series “The Sinner”.

Directed by Canadian filmmaker Michael Clowater, the film thrives on the rawness captured from the 70’s era. A time where kids often wandered off on their own for hours and parents beat them up if they came home with dirty clothes, and a new hero called Han Solo. A fun film that makes us laugh and cringe, reminding us of different times and how people dealt with issues.