A powerful documentary that interrogates and challenges stereotypes surrounding the role of the black father in modern society

“FATHERS” gives us an insight into the emotional and spiritual lives of a group of young black men, whose mental health is all too often disregarded. It charts their experiences navigating the persistent tug of war between providing for their families, fulfilling their creative and artistic ambitions and raising a young family.

The project came about through the collaboration of four young fathers in the creative industry, myself the director, our DP Olan Collardy, producer Ade Adesina and recording artist Azekel.
Collectively sharing our personal difficulties and struggles with each other, we aimed to touch on mental health for young fathers in the form of film. We addressed some of the core themes underlaid from Azekel’s ‘Our Fathers’ album and aimed to create a piece that challenged a stereotype, celebrated fatherhood, whilst highlighting the mental struggles that are common place yet unspoken.

The film is underscored by a beautiful sound-bed, with music from the album “Our Father” by Azekel, and accompanied by the rich tones of artist and poet Sophia Thakur. Thakur’s voice is heard on the film itself – highlighting a mother’s perspective of the battle that she sees these “superheroes” going through.

Created by BYUS Group, consisting of Azekel, Ade Adesina, Olan Collardy & Dumas Haddad, who are all young fathers in the creative industry themselves. They have endeavoured to provide a truly artistic, innovative unique and artistic approach to documentary storytelling.