Young people go missing in rural parts of Europe. This is happening to unsuspecting victims who become part of an underground world… where their organs are the only currency that’s worth anything.

A lonesome man functioning as the middle guy – a broker – is witnessing what his business has turned in to. The long nights, the beautiful women, the rookies breathing down his neck… it’s not the same as it used to be. Broker starts off on a subtle tone, despite the gorgeous opening shots that ensure us we’re in for a cinematic treat, the first act takes the simple and almost careful approach at lonely character building around a bar. But as the story starts taking a weird allure, the audience is slowly driven into dark underground world of organ theft.

Director David-Jan Bronsgeest and creative producer Tim Koomen often collaborate together on genre films. After producing and releasing Blindrunners (a crime short about a dangerous suicide game) they started production on Broker, about an underground organ harvesting ring in Europe.

Lead actor Yorick van Wageningen met Tim at a party in Amsterdam. Back then he just finished shooting Michael Mann’s Blackhat (opposite of Chris Hemsworth) and was convinced of Broker after meeting David-Jan. Especially because of the complex character of a man who wants to leave his diabolical business behind as he comes across a girl that he feels doesn’t deserve this fate.

Katarzyna Siewarga joined the cast after collaborating with David-Jan in their previous movie Blindrunners.

The film holds up an incredible production with a stark cinematography and tone resembling David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – which also featured Broker’s lead actor Yorick van Wageningen. The attention to detail and careful story development make the 22 minute film ease by with a few gridded teeth.

During production the crew has also developing a background story that was released on the official website of the movie as a story called The Tripping Case. In this story viewers can find out more about the girl’s background leading up to the events in Broker.

At the moment David-Jan and Tim are in post-production for their new horror short Meet Jimmy (which will be released in April) and in pre-production for the French short thriller Unité (which will be shot in March). They’re traveling to Albania this summer to research their debut feature film.