An astronaut struggles to adapt to his changing world

Although this film has nothing to do with the Coronavirus situation our planet is engulfed with, almost anyone can relate. The emptiness, the isolation and solitude, it all feels eerily similar to today’s pandemic. But despite the similarities, filmmaker Joe Connor (Wait) had something completely different in mind for the narrative. In fact, ‘Astronaut’ took the music video and commercial director 10 years to create. Stemming from 2010, Joe worked on this film in between shoots with Coldplay, Sam Smith and Land Rover. But most of the time was spent waiting for the perfect locations.

This short has evolved over time. The initial starting point was a musing on redundancy and the mechanisation of the work force. Im a huge fan of Charlie Chaplin and modern times was a great inspiration to the initial idea.

The film then took on a spiritual meaning as these two quotes became the bed rocks of the film

The regret on my side is, they used to say they’re reading about us in science class – Now they say they’re reading about us in history class.

– Neil Armstrong 1999

Space flight is an escape, a fleeing away from oneself because it’s far easier to go to mars or the moon than it is to penetrate one’s own being.

– Carl Gustav Jung 1966

And finally the film became about isolation, Social isolation and loneliness a theme I started to experience myself and is especially pertinent in the current global situation.