The last days in the life of a Piñata, as told from the Piñata’s perspective.

If you have ever enjoyed smashing a Piñata, maybe you should look away now. A King’s Betrayal is a dark comedy about the final days in the life of a Pinata, as told from the Pinata’s perspective. If that does not sound devastating enough, David Bernstein’s emotional and innocent twist on the Piñata’s portrayal of the world outside the store will leave you cringing in horror.

Ari Grabb pitched the idea to me on a road trip, and gave me his blessing to film it if I ever found the money. I was introduced to my producers Andres Avalos, Lily Nguyen and Ahmed “ATM” Mawas through a mutual friend, and they just happened to be looking for projects to produce under their new company Ivy Gold Productions. My enthusiasm for Ari’s script hooked them, and so we set out and shot this film on a low budget just to see how far things could go.

With a rather simple premise, the film relies on its brilliant and hilarious dialogue, combined with astute timing and over-the-top dramatic music. The result is unexpectedly engaging and delightfully somber.