The journey of a lonesome girl, Mona, as she explores her infatuation for a mysterious young man known as Elio.

Director’s Statement

When you break it all down to its raw core, YOU ALMOST SAW ME is a traditional love story. However, in this film, I wanted to really hone in on the possessive side of love that we don’t talk about too often. There’s a critical, yet very small aspect to love that falls directly into the lines of absolute possession, where we feel as if we owe so much to our lover or vice versa. Sometimes it gets to a point where we lose ourselves in the other person, or just lose ourselves completely. This is where love can be a dangerous thing, and we may need to take precautions and think things over. It can get to point where we (or the other person) is lost so much, that we don’t even know who they are anymore — or even worse, we don’t know we are anymore — and they almost become a complete stranger; but by that time you’re in too deep.