This video is an exploration of self isolation. It represents a loneliness and depression that can only come from alienating oneself. This depression can be a sinking whole that’s hard to surface from; but it can also be a semblance of peace in an otherwise chaotic world.

Directors Statement

From the very first time I heard the song it was clear to me that it focused on self destructive tendencies. This concept of self alienation is one that’s crept into my life recently and this music video seemed like the perfect place to explore it further.
The video is very symbolic. Focusing mainly on a feeling rather than a designated narrative. That feeling of self isolation is depicted in several ways throughout the video. Including his claustrophobia in large crowds. The bruises on his chest and back represent internal struggle. The bottling up of emotions and feelings until they manifest themselves into something physical. Bursting out of the body with a rage so strong it could break skin. The fading of his body is a depiction of feeling so small and insignificant that you just want to fade away into nothingness.

We shot the whole thing in two days on 16mm film. Running around Los Angeles to find these locations that felt, at the same time, scenic yet lonely.