When detectives at the scene of a homicide find no evidence besides an eyewitness who saw the “cutest puppy in the world,” they realize that if they find the cutest puppy… they find their killer.

Directors Statement

The idea started by joking about how we all ask our dogs questions and never get answers— in this case, a bit I would do with my dog where I’d say what would eventually become the first two lines of this short: “Who’s the cutest puppy? I NEED NAMES DAMNIT!” We decided to take this premise and develop it into a comedy short where we see the case this guy was investigating and why this information would be relevant. Our goal was to take this dumb idea and make it as intense as humanly possible, while still having a mystery that actually somewhat makes sense. The dog who stars in the short is my actual dog and the original “cutest puppy,” Coco. The fame has gone to her head and she no longer returns my calls.

Directed by Kyle Vorbach
Produced by: John Horan
Written by and Starring: John Horan, Kyle Vorbach, & Tom Goulet
Shot by: Skyler Bocciolatt and Canon Brownell