A delusional woman desperately clings to an abandoned skating rink and her memories of it. When it’s about to become another bulldozed lot in a strip mall, she makes it her life’s mission to save it, even though she can’t find a single person who cares. “White Rock Skate” explores obsession with the past and the importance we place on physical spaces.

Director’s Statement

White Rock Skate was a delightfully shitty rink and birthday destination in Dallas. Jenny Donheiser (my co writer and childhood friend) and I met there about 20 years ago, and we were moved to write this script when we found out it was boarded up to be sold. Shot entirely in Dallas featuring music from local choral rock outfit The Polyphonic Spree, White Rock Skate is a love letter to Texan weirdos, manic daydreams, and my asphalt-covered hometown.