A conversation between slaves reveals that the real chains of slavery enslave the mind and spirit.

Director’s Statement

When Peter first told me about his film I was immediately drawn to it and instantly wanted to help him make it. We initially didn’t even discuss me directing it, I just wanted to support him in whatever he needed because I felt the script was great and that it needed to be made. The film is so profound and Peter has such a specific and important opinion to express about the origins of the N word and its current use in modern culture. As we got further into the process, Peter decided that the best way I could support him and the project was to direct and I happily accepted. I’m truly humbled and grateful that he allowed me the opportunity and I’m excited to continue supporting his film as it makes its way out into the world. The message that racism and cultural divides are still just as pervasive as ever is an important one. This film should make audiences uncomfortable and self-reflective. My hope is that people will see this film and say to themselves, “Damn! How far have we really come? We definitely need to do more. What else can we be doing to change things?”