Because of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, two men realize that all of their favorite movies are now sexist, leading them down a dark path of discovery.

Directors Vision

For the past few years, I have been very interested in masculinity and hyper-masculinity and how abusive masculine behavior has caused damage to our society. By exploiting the fragility of masculinity I have found an untapped comedic playground. This short is an exploration of that.

The idea for “White Guys Solve Sexism” originated after a conversation with a close friend. they told me about a number of male filmmakers from a famous University coming together to mourn the ‘loss of filmmaking’ in a post-Weinstein world. These men were so blindsided and shocked that women could be treated so terribly for so long… and they… THEY DIDN’T EVEN KNOW. While Weinstein’s abuse is both shocking and horrifying, it is far from the first sign of sexism in the film industry.

White Guys Solve Sexism is an expression of the absurdity of men freaking out about something incredibly obvious to everyone else in the room. It is my hope that viewers can identify the absurdity, unlike the characters in the short.

I also wanted to make a short about the self-congratulatory elements of filmmaking. If this were ever to win an academy award, I would have to look out upon a sea of white men, hoisting a trophy, saying ‘We did it!’. Even recognizing that this film is good is a sort of congratulating itself. Give yourself a pat on the back, white guys. Ya did it.