Inspired by the shapes and sounds of Kingston upon Hull, Where To Build In Stone is an audio-visual project that explores the city over the course of a day. The film focuses on the quiet drama in the scenes that are everywhere yet overlooked: the familiar seen from an unfamiliar perspective.

Originally screened with a live performance of the soundtrack by Numb Mob for the PRS New Music Biennial 2019, the music weaves a variety of electronics, acoustic instruments and field recordings into a vivid soundscape that evokes a mysterious and oddly beautiful side of Hull.

Director’s Statement

With ‘Where To Build In Stone’ I wanted to create an immersive piece of work that, through sound and images, represents an alternative experience of a city from the perspective of a pedestrian. When composing the soundtrack, myself and Liam (Numb Mob) experimented with organic and synthetic sounds and took influence from Hull’s sonic and visual backdrop. Not wanting to make a tourist board film, I deliberately avoided the ‘sights’ of Hull and instead focused on the things in the background that aren’t the main event, and make ordinary imagery feel extraordinary.

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