A disgruntled wedding videographer unwittingly changes the course of the wedding she is hired to film.

Director’s Dision

Exploring themes of fear, failure, and unknowable futures, the idea for Wedding Video arrived almost fully formed from a stress nightmare. I was a post-recession filmmaker and the character of Lee, the art-school-dropout turned wedding videographer, became a proxy for the doubts and misgivings I was feeling during this specific time in my career and that I suspect many young creatives experience. This film is by no means a dig at the talented professionals who shoot weddings (which I’ve done for friends, it’s so hard) but rather born from when my family would sweetly suggest a job as a wedding photographer when times got lean because it was one of the few ways that my “weird Hollywood job” intersected with their lives in rural Washington. For me, Lee represents those moments when your perspective gets in the way of your outcome, the ill-fated couple represents how sometimes a big life decision can run away from you, and in the end, all three young adults are left staring into the void with their next steps terrifyingly uncertain.

After coming home to Seattle for a time, I was delighted to find a place in a tight-knit, talented film community and with the help of producer Jill McBride, cinematographer Ronnie Dennis, and production designer Darcey Zoller, we were able to turn this idea into a film over a long July weekend in Enumclaw, WA. The film stars comedian/writer Maddie Downes, Devin Badoo, Cap Peterson, Sarah Brink, and Mary Murfin Bailey. I want to thank my wonderful and generous cast and crew without whom this film wouldn’t exist.