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WAITING, a 3 minute single scene vignette about Kathryn, Joe, Brooke, Lily and Sara, their lives intersecting and overlapping in the ladies room at a Manhattan wedding reception.

In sharp contrast to my previous short film, “The Rain Collector” about women in science in Victorian England, I wanted to do something contemporary, something small and subtle; a slice of life about the way women talk to each other, judge themselves and those around them, in a bathroom. It’s a public space at a private event and the private/public spheres gently butt heads. We shot this a while back it’s only just been finished and I’m excited to share it now.

Cast: Nadia Dajani (Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, Little Boxes), Louisa Krause (The Girlfriend Experience, Martha Marcy May Marlene), Kathleen Wise, Lily Balatincz, Cosmo Bayes

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