A young couple, Mikael and Elli are on the turning point of their relationship. One night Mikael follows his girlfriend into the bleak night only to find her in the arms of an another man. Even Elli denies this, Mikael decides to find out who this man is, only to find himself in a situation he didn’t want to be in.

Director’s Statement

What does it tell about ourselves when we make the same mistakes over and over again? Why are we afraid to say the truth? Why is it so hard to let go of a person who mistreats you all the time?

These questions are unfortunately quite usual in relationships. Especially when you’re young, relationships and life events might feel larger than life. We dramatise them in our own heads and search for answers even there probably aren’t any. But it is crucial to ask those questions. We wanted to channel these ideas with our film. Hopefully the audience can mirror their own mistakes and insecurities with this story, and make themselves better people with honest and brutal self-critique. I know I have.

We wanted to approach the story in a very visceral and subtle way, to tell the story in a very visual manner and talk the language of cinema rather than relying on dialogue. Even the runtime clocks in almost 30-minutes, we trust that the audience wants to be emerged in this kind of cinema. Hopefully the story isn’t something you just brush off, but rather something that arouses thoughts and questions. That is the type of cinema I enjoy the most myself.