To Be Enjoyed tells the unlikely story of career musician Thad Cockrell who experiences a life-changing opportunity when a late night host hears his music at a hardware store.

Director’s Vision for ‘To Be Enjoyed’

When do you know it’s time to throw in the towel? It’s a question I’ve asked myself far too many times to count over my 10-year career as a filmmaker. Is there a moment when you just have to say, ‘I’ve done all I can and maybe it’s time to move on’. This question was one of the main themes that I wanted to explore with To Be Enjoyed. And luckily, Thad gave us so much more.

I knew Thad would be an incredible storyteller. He’s just that type of person. The type of guy who when you walk into a room, everyone’s surrounding him, listening intently to one of his stories from the past. There’s just something about him that draws you in. His story is a story of perseverance. A story of our innate human desire to be desired. To be enjoyed. For our work to be appreciated. It’s a story that I found to be incredibly relatable.

Often, when I shoot a human-centric documentary, there’s a bit of selfishness in taking it on. Selfishness because there’s questions that I wrestle with in my own life and my own career and I’m hopeful that the subject can help answer some of those questions for me. To make me feel a little less crazy. A little less alone.

That’s why I make films. To tell stories that are relatable. That are inspiring. That help people feel a little less crazy. A little less alone.

My hope is that this film can be a thoughtful reminder to always make things that you enjoy regardless of an audience’s response and to never, ever give up hope.