As the last person on earth, a boy’s thoughts grow wilder and more haunting in his day to day. Tortured by the memory of lost love and loneliness, he begins to see visions that challenge his ideas of existence and meaning. With his sanity running on empty, he must come to terms with his loneliness or fall victim to it.

Director’s Vision

This short film is important to me (Nano, director) and Dylan (writer) because it digs into some of us’ problems. The inability to accept and move on. The inability to look outside the box. The inability to achieve our greatest goals while being blinded by greed. Being blinded by the need to feel loved, safe, and comfortable. The passion for our film was a possible solution. The film features a boy in present-day living in an extinct world where materialistic things are never good enough. He fights isolation, but the true obstacles come from memories and dreams of a past lover. We follow his constant inner battle of self-love, being loved, or finding any TRUE connection at all