An introspective abstract film about wrestling with self-doubt.

Director’s Vision for ‘The Image of The Fox’

This film started as a stream of consciousness exercise that conveyed my anxiety, depression, isolation, creative frustration and all sorts of other feelings I had during the pandemic. As I started to create these scenes, there was a strange and confusing sensation. I felt like I was chasing these feelings around in my head, trying to get a hold of them and make some sense out of them. But what was weird was it felt like these feelings were also chasing me around, almost like they were taunting me because they I knew I would never catch them. I chose to incorporate the symbol of the fox to represent this sensation since the fox is often characterized as a sly and cunning creature. But what the film is really about is the connection between all of these scenes. The film is about the unconscious flowing of thoughts and feelings. The fluid way in which thoughts form in my brain for just a moment before vanishing. I wanted to visualize that kind of cerebral procession and show it almost as a force of nature leading the viewer from scene to scene in very much the same way that my mind leads me around from thought to thought.