A comedy set in the L.A gig-economy about pitching ideas for a living and finding your own unique voice.

“The Director’s Treatment” is a film within a film… or two.

Director’s Vision

Being the son of a German father and a mother from El Salvador I was inspired to tell a multicultural story about two different artistic visions coming together.

Growing up in an interracial home gave me a personal interest in finding unique and rich characters that tell stories about cultures coming together.

I was interested in filming two different versions of one same commercial using a multi-format narrative that heightened each character’s unique creativity.

The film was shot on three different aspect ratios and three different sets of Panavision lenses, an early backer of the project.

“The Director’s Treatment” is a film I wrote and directed about my personal experiences as a commercials director having to pitch ideas for a living and struggling with finding my own voice as an artist.