When the Galactic Empire falls, an old Sith Empire emerges from the shadows and appoints Lord Vycus to lead an outer-rim coalition against the rebellion. When Lord Vycus’ coalition is defeated, he escapes to a distant world awaiting reinforcements from the Dark Council. Instead of sending reinforcements, the Dark Council betrays him and shares his location with the rebellion.

Director’s Statement

The inception of this film began back in late 2015. When “The Force Awakens” was released, my drive to make “The Dark Resurgence” grew. Before embarking on pre-production, I watched a ton of fan films online. After sifting through countless YouTube search pages, I observed a trend that most followed- they focused on action-packed lightsaber duels but lacked an interesting story. With that in mind, I wanted to do things differently- to craft a good story that contained all the elements of a big Star Wars movie in a shorter timeframe. I wanted the rebel, Jedi, and Sith storylines to collide in one epic climax. Since all the characters were original, I was able to develop backgrounds for each of them that led to the events of the film. I casted a group of talented actors out of the San Diego area to bring my characters to life and I believe their performances captured something very unique and special. I am currently in pre-production on a sequel film that will explore the lore from the Old Republic video games. If you want to support me and my team on this epic quest to and from a galaxy far, far away follow us on social media.