Randy, 8 years old, starts on a mission to lose as many teeth as possible after he finds a Barbie instead of a dollar under his pillow.
Meanwhile, his mom is planning the party of a lifetime. As the party unfolds in a series of absurd events, Randy gets more and more lost in his obsession.

Director Statement

What most attracts me in films is the power of establishing fictional universes that can bring you in a different reality from what you usually experience in real life.

Teeth and Pills is my personal attempt at creating my own universe: a fictional environment made of pop culture elements, awkward and colorful characters, and uncomfortable events taking place in a cheerful and carefully designed scenario.

Because of the juxtaposition of these elements, I hope this film can be felt as a multi-layered experience. My intent was, somehow, to create a film that you can enjoy for his craft but at the same time, read it twice for his dramatic and disturbing impact; a story with characters walking a thin line between fantasy and reality; a surrealist and dark scenario painted using bright colors.