Take Care is a drama short film that sheds light on what it’s like to have a loved one living with Alzheimer’s. It’s centered around the lead singer of a metalcore band named Joey, who has been estranged from his family for years.

Director’s Vision for ‘Take Care’

The inspiration for this film came from a few sources. I work as a camera assistant on various TV shows and movies, and because of the rushed nature of the job, I’m used to an incredibly fast-paced lifestyle. With Take Care, I wanted to just slow down: to take 3 days and a heartfelt story between three characters and see what we could pull off.
This project also came out of a place of observation. While I’ve never had the direct responsibility of taking care of someone I love with Alzheimer’s or dementia, I vividly remember watching my dad go through it with my grandma, his mom. I was still too young to fully grasp what was going on when she eventually passed, but the older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve realized how difficult it must have been. To watch the person you’ve loved the longest struggle to remember who you are is something unfathomable. Unfortunately, it’s also something too many people have endured, and no matter how much support is out there, it’s never enough.
My hope is that caretakers will watch this film and resonate with its heart and core themes, even if the circumstances aren’t exactly akin to their lives. If they’re currently taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia, I hope they know that they aren’t alone and if they’re struggling, to reach out for support.