Supermalo is a short documentary exploring the social commentary of the most prominent graffiti artist in Cuba. This film explores the relationship between art, repression, censorship and social change as a new revolution led by the youth is brewing in Cuba.

Director’s Vision

A revolution is brewing in Cuba for the first time since the 1950’s, and its led by the countries bourgeoning youth art scene. This summer an unprecedented public protest took place in the streets of Havana, as young citizens called on the countries dictatorship to end their policies of censorship, and open up a new pathway to democracy. As protesters walked through the city, the street art on the walls of Havana’s crumbling infrastructure reflected the issues they face everyday and the youth’s new ideals. Over half of the 1000+ protesters arrested that day still remain in jail, but their courage made the world aware of the struggles they are facing everyday.

Supermalo is a short film that follows the story of Fabian Hernandez, one of the street art movement’s fearless and prolific leaders. You cannot walk more than a few feet in Havana without seeing his masked character, the Supermalo or his signature 2+2=5? painted on the walls, or being worn on the clothing of the youth. His murals are strategically placed throughout the city and comment on issues this newly internet-connected, and heavily censored generation face everyday. In Supermalo we explore the resilience of an artist who will stop at nothing to get his message out, while facing a lack of materials, and frequent incarceration for the content of his art.