Darrel and his childhood friends attempt to recreate the energy they once shared. Wandering a still suburban world he can no longer call home, Darrel clings to these waning relationships. In doing so, he discovers the reasons behind one friend’s estrangement, and commits to reconnecting with him. Darrel believes one meal together at a familiar haunt will bring everything back to place. But the truth he discovers about the changing nature of relationships is more complicated.

Director’s Vision

This is an important film for me because it’s an attempt at capturing a truth that I’m learning to accept: life is impermanent. It’s always in a state of motion, and there’s nothing we can do to stop that. Time never stops ticking.

I think understanding and being okay with the passage of time is important to be happy in the present. This isn’t the sort of thing I think about day to day, but I recognize it most when visiting my childhood home. Something about the stillness and calm of a place that’s helped define you is also the coldest reminder that you’re different.