A young couple are at odds when their scary movie night is interrupted by a frantic woman in need. Tension builds around their heated debate – Imaginations run wild, emotions run high and tempers flare. Will they help her, or turn her away to the evil that lurks on the other side of the door? Split Decision asks the question: What’s your gut telling you?

Director’s Statement

Split Decision was written in the spirit of the urban legend tale; a simple story which could happen anywhere, to anyone, has a strong message or moral, is easily remembered and retold, embellished at every turn. These are the types of stories I clung to from a very early age, and would form the basis of my love for the horror genre – campfire stories were more available at such a young age than late-night VHS horror movie nights. I always loved the idea of creating my own urban legend.

The main theme of Split Decision would come from my own indecisiveness, my constant fear of making the wrong decision – a fear most everyone can relate to. Sometimes the most meaningless decision may seem as though it carries the weight of the world. Sometimes it might – but you won’t know it till it’s too late….. Split Decision combines various horror tropes, influenced by classics in the slasher, home invasion and zombie genres to name a few, but at the heart of it, it’s a psychological thriller that builds around two characters’ opposing opinions.

We hope our audience enjoys the experience of watching Split Decision, and can feel lost in Jeff and Claire’s dilemma for 15 minutes. If they find themselves wondering what they might have done – we did what we set out to do.