Pin Park are a polish experimental electronic band formed by Maciek Polak and Maciek Baczyk.

The name is derived from a part on the instruments they use to compose, two “EMS Synthis”. Built in 1971, these were one of the first commercially available synthesisers used and praised by musicians ever since, from Pink Floyd, Brian Eno and Jean Michel Jarre to Aphex Twin and Alessandro Cortini.

These instruments introduce a degree of unpredictability, which can be harnessed as an alternative method of composition, and have a learning curve closer to that of the violin than a modern digital keyboard.

“Speaking in voltages” is an ode to nostalgia and the golden era of analogue instruments, absent in today’s digital vortex and the infinite possibilities of a simple modern computer. The documentary was shot entirely in analog format film (16mm, Super8 & Hi8), a medium with similar inherent imperfections and limitations to analogue synthesisers, and focuses on the romantic essence associated with both.

Maciek Polak also owns, one of the leading and most renowned vintage synthesiser specialists in Europe.
Hundreds of customers worldwide have left high praise for their craftsmanship skills in restoring vintage electronic relics.

During the weeks I was lucky enough to be filming with them in Poland. I discovered a rather unusual hospitality and humility, compared to the wester of the continent. There are no hidden pretensions here, only two friends who enjoy spending time creating unusual rhythms and melodies; either for an audience at concerts or for themselves, isolated in a hut surrounded by snow-covered forests, to the beat of space sounds. An analog homage to analog.