After experiencing recent rage-inducing life occurrences, three characters, Quan: a grief-stricken young Black man, Mike: an older man angry about his community changing, and Liz: a woman who’s indignant after a confrontation at a coffee shop, all rant their frustrations in this examination of anger in America.

Director’s Vision for ‘Someone to Destroy’

I find anger fascinating. In some instances anger can be a catalyst for change; sometimes anger can clarify an individual’s true intentions; anger can lead to mistakes being made; and sometimes anger can devolve into more sinister results. This film, Someone To Destroy, explores the theme of anger through three characters, in three separate storylines, all of whom are angry about recent life occurrences. These occurrences all have an element of racial tension to them and I wanted to use the current discussions around race and equity in America as the vehicle for the story and have the theme of anger be the fuel. Additionally, I was interested in how rage manifests a target; and for better or worse, how there’s a desire for that target to be destroyed. The film’s characters, Quan, Mike and Liz are all angry for different reasons, and their anger is specific to their own world perspectives, so myself and the film’s cinematographer, Kurtis Myers, felt it was important for the aesthetic of each storyline to be specific to them as well. I feel like recently I’ve been hearing, “the country (USA) has become more angry than it used to be”; but that’s not something I agree with. I believe this country’s citizens are angry; they always have been, and our anger leaves us looking for someone to destroy.